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Commercial Cleaning Sydney

Is your one-stop shop for an impressive array of cleaning services in Sydney. We bring our commitment to no-fuss, professional cleaning, long years of experience, and dedication to the job at hand into every space we clean, small or large. Take a look at the industrial and commercial cleaning services we offer below. Chances are excellent that your cleaning requirement is on our list:

Industrial Cleaning
This cleaning niche encompasses a huge variety of sites, such as warehouses, workshops, site offices and factories.

High-Pressure Water Cleaning
This specialised approach requires equipment targeted to applications such as large kitchens that have accumulated layers of tough grime, from grease to mould.

Anti-Static Carpet Clean & Treatment
Today’s sensitive high-tech venues require the know-how our well-trained staff can bring. There’s no place for the woes of static electricity in any workplace with touchy electronics, and we can neutralize it, fast!

Office and Home Spring Cleaning
No matter what, there’s nothing like the deep-down, attentive cleaning we can give your home or office. No matter what time of year you schedule this service with Office Cleaning Sydney, your space will end up feeling as fresh as Spring itself.

End-of-Lease Cleaning
Nobody needs the extra tension of toiling to get everything spic and span when in the midst of moving. Take the stress off and let the experts deal with it for you!

Graffiti Removal
Graffiti is not only super-irritating, but super-difficult to clean. Give us the job, and your graffiti problem will quickly become a thing of the past.

Workstation Cleaning
Every workstation is as unique as the individuals who use them. We offer a personal approach to workstation cleaning that protects your equipment, belongings and privacy.

Washroom Services
We offer a combination of problem-solving procedures that will result in a sparkling clean, germ-free washroom, without the use of harmful chemicals. Our supply of washroom requisites is comprehensive and planet-friendly.


CALL US NOW: (02) 84172162

Carpet Water Damage Services
Nothing can ruin metres of expensive carpeting faster than water damage. Call us for your best chance at resuscitating your water-stained carpets.

School Cleaning
The special requirements needed to keep school areas clean, safe and healthy are all carefully addressed by Office Cleaning Sydney’s thorough school cleaning services.

Strata Cleaning
Strata cleaning is a highly effective deep-cleaning process. It employs an abrasive blast that can be adjusted for gentle or very difficult surfaces, from sandstone to glass to carpets.

Restaurant Cleaning
Cleaning a restaurant is no joke, and it must be done correctly to avoid health hazards. This is one case in particular that should be left to the experts.

Church Cleaning
We address everything from waste removal to high-quality, deep-down housecleaning in your church, to create an environment as spotless as your soul!

Aged Care Cleaning
Another area where customised services are necessary, and one in which we excel.

Hotel Cleaning
Every inch of your hotel must be kept appealing and shiny bright. We have the equipment and experience to do this right.

Regular Office Cleaning
Maintaining a good work environment is of paramount importance to your office’s output. Choosing one of our many plans for regularly scheduled office cleaning will help ensure that your employees give you their best.

Venetian and Curtain Clean
Dingy blinds and window treatments make any space they decorate seem depressing and repugnant. Let us help you with this demanding service, and see the incredible difference we can make!

Emergency Response Services
Cleaning emergency? Make Office Clean Sydney your first call!

Childcare Centre Cleaning
To be positive your childcare centre is left sparkling clean without any risk to the precious occupants’ safety or health, call us. Nothing beats our expertise in this area!

Waste Removal & Recycling
One of the most important of all our many cleaning services, waste removal must be done correctly. We offer state-of-the-art equipment, long experience and up-to-date information to do these vital tasks right, every time.


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